Yash Raj Films places major order with AMS Neve

Indian film studio Yash Raj Films, have confirmed the purchase of several AMS Neve digital and analog audio systems, including an 88R, a DFC, two Libra Post consoles, three AudioFile SC editors, and an offline Encore and a StarNet network.

The Music Studio at Yash Raj will be equipped with a 60-fader frame Neve 88R. Recording media will be analog-to-tape and digital workstations. The facility's Foley room will be equipped with a 12-fader Libra Post console and an integrated 32-track AudioFile SC editor. A second Libra Post will be used for ADR, also with an AudioFile SC editor. The main room is the Film Theatre which will feature a 40-fader DFC2 and an integrated AudioFile recorder/editor. All four of the consoles will be networked together via AMS Neve’s StarNet.

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