Yamaha Live Sound uses Gefen Wireless USB Extender

To demonstrate the portability and performance of its 01V96V2 digital mixing console, John Schauer, product manager for the live sound department of Yamaha Corporation of America, selected Gefen’s Wireless USB Extender. Schauer can control the 01V96 from the USB port using either Macintosh or PC computers. The Gefen Wireless USB Extender enables data transmitted through a USB port to be delivered up to 100ft from the small sender unit to the receiver with no connection cables in between.

As the product manager for, Schauer’s role is to work with engineers to develop solutions for Yamaha’s clients, but he also looks for compatible technologies that enhance the use of Yamaha’s products.

Initially, Schauer used the wireless extender during sales staff and dealer trainings to demonstrate how simply audio can be controlled without an intricate setup. “We wanted to avoid having a cable that sends all the inputs to and from the stage to the mixer, allowing for a quicker, cleaner setup,” he said. Demonstrations included the Yamaha 01V96 digital mixing console, a Presonus Digimax LT Microphone preamplifier/digital interface, a Dell Latitude D820 laptop and an Apple MacBook Pro.

The Gefen Wireless USB Extender was selected primarily because of its simplicity. “One of its best features is the easy setup,” said Schauer. “The solution is completely transparent, and stability and security of the wireless link has not been an issue. The connection is very robust.”

Schauer also tested the Gefen Wireless USB Extender in a real-world environment with a local band that controls its on-stage mixer using a PC 60ft from the stage.

“It is a very elegant, simple solution that gives our customers the chance to operate their digital audio console from a position out in the audience without all the wiring required by conventional means,” Schauer said. “We are very satisfied with the Wireless USB Extender from Gefen and will benefit as more of our digital mixers find their way into situations where portability, ease of setup, reliable operation and the ability to be wireless are key.”

For more information, visit www.gefen.com.