Yamaha adopts EtherSound standard

At the PLASA show in London, Yamaha announced its commitment to using the EtherSound digital audio networking standard in its products by becoming an official licensee of the technology. Describing the agreement as part of its mission statement, Yamaha noted the audio industry’s acceptance of EtherSound’s reliability, flexibility and low latency as being factors in the decision.

Yamaha has already had experience with EtherSound. An authorized implementer, AuviTran has sold EtherSound network cards for Yamaha consoles and digital signal processors for several years, and will continue to produce these products for Yamaha. Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems distributes AuviTran-branded EtherSound interfaces in the United States as well as NEXO loudspeaker systems, another EtherSound licensee. As a result, Yamaha digital consoles will become simpler to integrate into networked audio systems that include products from multiple manufacturers. This coincides with the ongoing transition of professional audio toward an all-digital networked environment.

Developed by Digigram, EtherSound is an open standard for digital audio networking using standard Ethernet components, compliant with IEEE 802.3.

For more information, please visit www.ethersound.com.