WNET.ORG builds new program production infrastructure

WNET.ORG, parent company of THIRTEEN and WLIW21 public TV stations, is revamping its program production infrastructure with the assistance of Dalet Enterprise Edition.

Based in New York City, WNET.ORG is known for producing a wide range of programming, including "American Masters" and "Nature." Dalet Enterprise Edition is providing WNET.ORG a media asset management-based (MAM) production workflow in which program content is ingested, cataloged and centrally stored in a content repository.

Natively integrated Dalet production tools enable staff to assemble and redistribute program content in a streamlined workflow. With Dalet Enterprise Edition, producers and production assistants can view and select material from their desktops, according to Dan Goldman, senior director of finance for WNET.ORG.

“Groups like the interactive, broadband and education teams will be able to directly repackage show content and send (it) to schools and other users around the world,” he said.

The new program production workflow features Dalet's centralized ingest technology, providing the transfer of Panasonic P2 media, baseband video recording on Dalet DeckLink HD ingest servers and integration with WNET.ORG's existing Omneon Spectrum system. Final Cut Pro and Avid nonlinear editors, which were previously used as ingest devices, will be freed up and made available for program editing.

Existing third-party production systems such as nonlinear editing and tiered storage systems will be fully integrated into the workflow via Dalet, maintaining metadata continuity across systems and subsystems. The underlying Dalet workflow engine automates conversions and content storage protocols, including near- and long-term archiving.

The new program production workflow, with its improved content and metadata management, will also help WNET.ORG realize the important goal of more pragmatic access to its long-term archives. Dalet's flexible metadata configuration will map to WNET.ORG's existing PBCore metadata schema, ensuring seamless transition for future metadata capture and proper migration of existing content.