WMAQ introduces new TEC-MicroSat-Sprinter

WMAQ has hit the street with a new TEC-MicroSat-Sprinter that includes microwave and digital satellite capability on the Dodge Sprinter.

Custom features include an interior edit suite with an I/O panel for operators to connect a laptop edit suite or PC-based editing solution. The operations area also has a custom I/O panel for connecting additional encoders, if the station needs to feed more than two digital uplink carriers from a particular event.

The truck includes new technology for locating satellites quickly. The satellite antenna controller is programmed to locate a reference satellite and then use that satellite as a data point to locate the one that the operator has contracted for a given uplink event.

This satellite ID feature reduces time and uncertainty when truck operators are sent to cover breaking news stories. The vehicle also has a TEC Eagle Eye mast camera system to zoom-in on breaking news stories using a 16x zoom lens and variable speed pan/tilt motions.

For more information, visit www.tvengineering.com.

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