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Von Wong selects FOR-A's VFC-7000 HD variable frame rate camera

Montreal-based photographer and visual engineer Benjamin Von Wong recently used a FOR-AVFC-7000 HD variable frame rate camera for two artistic video projects.

Von Wong capitalized on the camera’s ability to capture high-speed HD recordings when he used it to shoot a creative video that focused on his long hair. Von Wong subjected himself to water, eggs and flour being thrown at his head during a cold night, along with some fire thrown into the mix — all in the name of exciting slow-motion footage. He paired FOR-A’s VFC-7000 with a LensBaby Composer lens for the video shoot.

Other than the FOR-A solution, he didn’t use any other extremely high-end equipment for the shoot. He was also dealing with a low-light situation. His team even used car lights for lighting part of the video. Even with these challenging circumstances, the camera performed well and exhibited a great deal of sensitivity.

FOR-A’s VFC-7000 is an all-in-one self-contained camera that offers high-speed playout and recording in full frame HD at up to 700fps. The unit comes complete with a camera head, main body, an F lens mount and recording component. With its high-sensitivity CMOS color sensor, the VFC-7000 features an electronic high-speed shutter that can operate as fast as 1/200,000-second for filming fast moving events and subjects without blur.

Von Wong also used the VFC-7000 to shoot a medieval pumpkin destruction video, which he entered into a Halloween filmmaking competition. You can read more on the pumpkin project shoot and view the video here. Click here for Von Wong’s website.