Unique Recording Software intros Classic Console Strips

Unique Recording Software (URS) has introduced its Classic Console Strip, designed to provide quick adjustments to individual tracks in the digital domain. The URS Classic Console Strip's eight virtual knobs map perfectly to products like the Digidesign Command 8 and Digi002, the M-Audio ProjectMix I/O, the Digidesign Pro Control, the Mackie and others.

URS is offering two versions of this product. The Classic Console Strip TDM features 48-bit Double Precision Processing, while Classic Console Strip Native features 64-bit "Double Precision" floating processing for increased clarity and headroom. High-resolution "Double Precision" processing helps to avoid internal clipping in the Digital Domain. On both units, the compressor and EQ sections are totally independent of each other, and feature separate in/out switching.

According to URS, the Classic Console Strip is the most DSP-efficient channel strip the company's ever created. Notable features include the URS Strip Compressor, which digitally recreates characteristics of a transformer input and a specially designed 1975 VCA gain reduction amplifier. The compressor features fully adjustable threshold, ratio and gain, has three preset attack and release settings, and is selectable pre- or post-EQ. The EQ section has been digitally recreated from three different analog consoles, helping critical frequencies to jump out in the mix with quick EQ adjustment. The low and high frequency EQ bands each offer three different center frequencies, while the mid-range band is fully sweepable and offers a choice of two "Q" bandwidths.

Through the end of June, Unique Recording Solutions is offering introductory pricing on both versions of the Classic Console Strip.

For more information, visit www.ursplugins.com/strippromo.htmlor www.ursplugins.com.