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Toronto-based Technicolor goes with Lawo routing and control

Technicolor Creative Services of Canada has purchased a Lawo Nova73 HD digital audio router and VSM control system to manage its workload with touch-screen ease. The systemwide digital audio installation will replace a large number of patch fields and outboard equipment, considerably reducing setup times — especially for repeat configurations.

According to Ron Lynch, engineering manager at the Toronto facility, Technicolor required a digital I/O interface and routing system, plus a control data management system, to integrate and manage the entire installation. He notes the main advantage of the Lawo solution as going beyond audio signal path management, allowing easy system integration with the facility's existing video routers.

The specified Lawo digital system will provide 192 AES I/Os and 168 line-level I/Os. It will also feature a core of DSP to assign 64 separate path delays, plus a 64 x 64 summing matrix, which will be dynamically inserted into the signal flow. Three virtual control panels, giving touch-screen access to all management and switching functions, will provide user interface.

Technicolor Creative Services is part of the services division of Thomson. The Toronto facility provides a wide range of film, video and audio services, including film and video processing, format and standards conversion, audio mixing, computer animation and commercial production.

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