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Terk Showcases Its 'MyWayTV' at CES

At the International CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Voxx was showing a range of Terk and RCA antennas of all sizes for all locations--from large outdoor VHF/UHF Yagi antennas to compact indoor antennas. When I walked by the Voxx display there always seemed to be a group of people looking at the display--one indication of the interest in off-air TV reception as a low-cost alternative to cable. The availability of movies and cable TV series over the Internet has made it easier for people to drop cable and rely on an antenna and a network connection.

Terk highlighted its “MyWayTV” technology, with a display stating: “Save money over cable or satellite systems.” (MyWayTV combines an antenna with a Roku USB thumb sized stream player. The Roku stream player and the antenna are combined in one box.)

MyWayTV requires two connections to the TV set--a conventional coax/”F” connector to connect with the tuner and an HDMI connection for the streaming video.

MyWayTV does not include a TV tuner, so reception depends on the quality of the tuner in the TV set and the signal available at the antenna. People in areas with weaker signals (rural areas or locations shadowed from TV transmitters by terrain or buildings) will likely have problems using the compact MyWayTV antenna.

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