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Telecast Fiber Systems' CopperHead camera-mounted fiber optic transceiver helped deliver live remote coverage of Shamu the whale at SeaWorld park in San Diego for use in live broadcasts during a network morning newscast.

Freelance cinematographer John Sharaf used the CopperHead to transmit signals from two cameras at the tank to an uplink truck located outside of the park, more than 300ft away.

The segment was shot at 4 a.m. local time to provide the live feed for the news program as it aired live on the east coast. Sharaf brought in a Bebee light mounted on an 82ft pole to illuminate the tank and create the appearance of daytime as they taped.

The CopperHead camera-mounted transceivers, fitted with Power Plus power adapters allowed Sharaf's crew to transmit all broadcast signals from the cameras, including video, audio, intercom, camera control, genlock, and power, through SMPTE hybrid fiber-optic cables.

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