Sundance automates three Indonesian stations

Three stations in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta have gone on-air with Sundance Digital FastBreak automation systems. All three systems are interfaced with Omneon video servers and Quartz master control switchers.

ANTV, a national network that selected FastBreak as part of a digital upgrade, and start-up local outlets JAK TV and O Channel, have all installed the Sundance automation solution to drive single channel operations.

Roscor supplied design and build services. In addition to controlling the Quartz master control switcher and playout from both VTR and server-based content, ANTV’s fully redundant system drives a SoftNI subtitling system for synchronous playout and live keying of text over digital video.

JAK TV and O Channel are equipped with a near identical configuration to ANTV. JAK TV also uses FastBreak to control a Pixel Power character generator for live graphics and subtitling. Its programming comes from the U.S., Europe and various Asian countries, with news contributing 10-15 percent of its daily lineup.

Due to a scarcity of suitable real estate, O Channel’s media ingest center is separated from its master control and transmission facility by 6mi, creating a technology challenge. Sundance Digital’s DataMover application provided the solution by enabling media at the remote ingest site to be moved via high-speed, point-to-point Ethernet connection and replicated to the Omneon server in master control at the main facility for playout.

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