SUMO adds weight to Danilo’s mixing system

Working primarily in the digital domain, Italian-born musician and producer Danilo Madonia has added the Audient SUMO summing amplifier to his production chain, integrating it into all his recording projects. Now based in Fulham, London, with a wide array of projects to his name, Danilo wanted a summing device that would provide the warm, fat sound typical of larger consoles while retaining all the advantages of his workstation’s automation and plug-ins.

As an independent musician, producer and arranger, Danilo is involved with many music genres. His most recent project as arranger, keyboard and piano player was with Italian artist Renato Zero. Danilo used his SUMO to produce Zero’s CD, as well as his own recent solo album, “Moving.” Danilo has also been credited as unofficial member and producer of The Moody Blues, having worked with them as mix and mastering engineer throughout the past nine years.

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