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Studio 1+1 improves news production capabilities

Studio 1+1 in Kiev, Ukraine, is upgrading its capabilities with a new newsroom production system that includes new video servers for ingest, editing and playout.

The national Ukrainian-speaking TV channel has selected Leitch Technology as the prime contractor for system design and installation. Supplied in partnership with Autocue, the system includes three Leitch NEXIO server platforms with five NEXIO NewsFlash nonlinear editors, and an Autocue QSeries client server application system, which handles multi-user scripting, integrated multichannel master control automation and media acquisition, browse, editing and playout. The system also includes a Sony PetaSite S-Series data tape library and SGL archive management software. At 1+1, the NEXIO servers support both ingest and playout ports, with each unit containing dual bi-directional codecs working at DVCPRO25 compression. Twelve bi-directional ports will be used for ingest, playout, monitoring and also the scavenging of high-resolution media into the Autocue browse environment. The system is fully redundant with mirror playout capabilities.

The system also includes five NEXIO NewsFlash in-server networked editors designed for news and craft editing. Within seconds of starting to ingest, the NewsFlash editor can begin to edit the story. NewsFlash’s editing tools include timeline editing and trimming, digitization, voice-over, real-time video/graphics/audio transitions and slow motion. Once the edit is completed, it is automatically processed into high-resolution media available for playout.

Two chasses with 16 300GB Fibre Channel drives provide nearly 500 hours of media storage at DVCPRO25 compression. This storage is protected using RAIDsoft, Leitch’s own implementation of RAID, which can survive two simultaneous disk drive failures while the system remains available for ingest, editing and playout.

Material is archived onto a PetaSite S-Series data tape library containing three Sony S-AIT Fibre Channel data drives, providing more than 50TB of storage. Autocue’s automation software controls the movement of material from the NEXIO servers to the PetaSite via SGL’s Flashnet Archive Management software.

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