Sprint expands EvDO Rev. A across mid-Missouri

Sprint has expanded its Sprint Mobile Broadband with EvDO Revision A (Rev. A) to mid-Missouri.

EvDO Rev. A technology allows users to send and receive e-mail with large file attachments, access the Internet in seconds and stream video and other real-time applications. In a news application, EvDO Rev. A can shorten file transfer times of footage shot in the field. EvDO Rev. A supports upload speeds of 350Kb/s-500Kb/s, compared to 50Kb/s-70Kb/s with existing EvDO Rev. 0 networks, and download speeds of 600Kb/s-1.4Mb/s, compared to 400Kb/s-700Kb/s.

The expanded EvDO Rev. A coverage will cover the stretch across central Missouri along Interstate 70 from Kansas City to St. Louis, including Columbia.

For more information, visit www.sprint.com.