Sony Media Software announces new royalty-free music tools

Sony Media Software has unveiled a new way to score projects with the offering of two new Cinescore Theme Packs. With just a few clicks, videographers and music producers can generate royalty-free, tailor made music cues that sound like big-budget soundtracks.

The new titles are Pass the Ring: The Wedding Soundtrack Library, and Incredible Vistas: Visual and Emotional Panoramas. The latter contains ten themes appropriate for a vast assortment of applications, from grand cinematic gestures to corporate presentations. Pass the Ring is a one-stop solution for wedding videographers that contains all the expected classics plus an assortment of music suited to a wide variety of event situations.

Theme Packs are used exclusively within the new Cinescore software application. Every Cinescore Theme contains music resources that offer a near-infinite array of possibilities for generating perfectly integrated film music. Accentuate peak moments with grand crescendos or soften moods easily and instantly by working with Themes directly on the video timeline.

Before Cinescore software, customizable production music was characterized by a building-block approach, with limited, predictable options for generating music variations. By contrast, Cinescore software utilizes extremely complex background processing that offers full access to an amazing amount of sound shaping options by using just a few simple, intuitive controls.

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