SNG plays role in delivery of 2006 FIFA World Cup news

Transmission of news and coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament, which concluded Sunday with Italy’s defeat of France in Berlin Sunday, was provided through a variety of facilities from UK-based broadcast services provider Arqiva.

Arqiva’s Satellite Media Solutions division complemented the efforts of Nippon TV, PanAmSat and UK production company Can Communicate.

Can Communicate used a fully equipped live production studio, enabling the production company to produce live news broadcasts for Sky Italia from the Adidas World of Football in Berlin. Arqiva also provided Can Communicate with an outside broadcast truck with flyaway uplink antenna. Arqiva handled between two and 15 transmissions for the production company on each day of the tournament.

Arqiva supplied PanAmSat with a production SNG truck as it followed Brazil’s progress through the tournament together with Brazilian channel TV Record. Arqiva also provided Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV with uplink and occasional teleport services as NTV reported on the Japanese national team. While NTV gathered the news from the team’s base in Bonn, Arqiva turned the feed around for transmission to the Japanese viewing public.

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