SNG automation goes into the field

ScheduALL and ND SatCom have announced a technology partnership to deliver an integrated workflow solution for broadcasters using SNG vehicles.

Known as smartSNG, the solution will let broadcasters integrate satellite activation and deactivation into their workflow as well as more seamlessly coordinate their SNG remote teams.

The smartSNG solution is intended to automate the entire workflow of SNG operations, so broadcasters can focus less on planning and more on newsgathering. Additionally, smartSNG minimizes the potential for human error.

Currently, ScheduLINK automates the planning of an SNG transmission, including coordination between the satellite desk and the satellite operator, space-segment allocation, and time, day and duration of the transmission. The collaboration with ND SatCom enhances the scope of the package to the field by automating antenna activation and transmission and ensuring that all technical and booking parameters have been met. When the transmission is over, the operator pushes one button to deactivate the antenna and the transmission.

During transmission, the truck is connected to the network or station and can be fully remotely controlled. Operators have a full range of communications, including intercoms, phones and IFB. If there is an editor in the truck, smartSNG enables field editing and relay of content back to the network or station.

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