Siemens delivers Live8

Siemens Business Services used more than 160MHz of satellite bandwidth to deliver the Live8 concert to viewers across the globe

Siemens Business Services provided 160MHz bandwidth for Live8.

Siemens Business Services provided satellite services for one of the largest global live transmissions in history.

The Live8 concerts, held at 10 venues across the world, was timed to coincide with the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, and aimed to raise awareness for the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. Visit for details.

To ensure this monumental event would reach the estimated two billion TV viewers and one billion radio listeners around the world, Siemens provided 160MHz of satellite bandwidth to Live8 Productions and the BBC, as well as extensive transmit and receive facilities.

Siemens’ solution for Live8 included connectivity between the five major concert sites, the additional international events, and the BBC’s Television Centre. The connectivity was provided through both uplink services and satellite space capacity on Intelsat 905 and Atlantic Bird 1 for downlink to the remote sites. Siemens transmitted the UK concerts to the U.S., and transmitted the world feed to Europe using Telstar 12. Siemens partnered with Arqiva to transmit via PanamSat to Asia-Pacific.

Siemens and several of its key suppliers provided the core international connectivity services free of charge for the Live8 project.

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