Shure nabs another counterfeiter in China

The Easlem Sound Instrument Factory in Guangzhou, China, was caught manufacturing ersatz mics.
These counterfeit Beta 57 microphones were seized in a recent raid orchestrated by Shure on a factory in Guangzhou, China.

Long a stalwart in the fight against counterfeit products, Shure recently announced that large quantities of phony microphones were traced to their source: Easlem Sound Instrument Factory — also known as Xingyou Electronics Equipment — in Guangzhou, China. The products had been destined for sale in India.

For months, Shure worked with private investigators and local authorities in China to uncover the location of the counterfeiter’s manufacturing operations. In cooperation with the Jiangmen and Enping Technology and Science Bureaus (TSBs), Shure raided Easlem’s Enping City-based factory, known as Enping Yi Xing Electronics, where evidence was obtained that the factory was producing counterfeit versions of Shure and other brands of microphones.

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