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SGT plays a key role in French DTT debut

The arrival in France of DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) on March 31, 2005 marked a step change in the country's landscape. SGT played a key role in enabling the launch of the new service.

With the products of its Media Management and Transmission Management lines, SGT supplied the broadcast systems for four new channels in the digital multiplex: Direct8, NRJ12, NT1 and W9. The four broadcasters air different genres (live, music, general-interest). The SGT project teams managed the parallel deployment of the four systems to ensure that the simultaneous launch for all four channels ran to plan.

The modular nature of SGT's solutions made it easy to handle the demands of differing workflows. SGT's product line supports all the operations needed for preparation and broadcasting: digitization of media, quality control, playlist generation, automated playout, and graphics insertion.

SGT has been providing a wide portfolio of broadcast solutions for the past 15 years. Products include: playlist automation, content management systems and traffic management including contract rights, sales, program planning, and tape library management.

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