Sensaphonics introduces 221 single-ear stereo earphones

Sensaphonics has introduced the 221 Stereo Earphone, with a custom-fit design for listeners with unilateral hearing loss. By routing both the left and right stereo signals to two independent, full-range drivers within a single custom-fit silicone earpiece, the 221 enables those who are deaf in one ear to experience full, rich reproduction with all stereo information preserved.

Unlike stereo-to-mono adapters that passively short the left and right channels together electrically, the 221 retains all stereo information, sending the left and right channels to separate transducers. The signal is then blended acoustically within the ear canal, eliminating the distortions and comb filtering inherent in passive electrical summing to mono. Thus, the 221 behaves exactly like a standard stereo listening device, with all musical information delivered to a single earpiece. The 221 uses the same balanced armature-type transducers used in Sensaphonics’ acclaimed earphones for musicians, offering rich, full-range reproduction.

The earphone is custom-molded from transparent soft gel silicone, offering superb comfort and at least 26dB of isolation from ambient sound in a low-profile design. Users can personalize the look of their earphone with custom colors.

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