Sennheiser introduces A5000 CP passive antenna system

Sennheiser has introduced a passive wideband wireless antenna, the A5000 CP. Designed for both transmitting and receiving RF signals across the 450MHz to 960MHz portion of the UHF spectrum, the A5000 CP accommodates antenna distribution systems for either wireless monitors or wireless microphones across multiple frequency ranges, offering maximum flexibility when designing complicated RF systems.

The unit’s circular polarization has been shown to minimize variations in signal strength and virtually eliminate multi-path problems. With its lobe-free polar pattern, excellent gain and wideband response, the A5000 CP should be ideal as a front-end component for wireless systems using multiple parts of the UHF spectrum.

Due to its 3-D radiation pattern, the antenna can be mounted above the talent or venue, as well as oriented with the antenna element facing down. The A5000 CP is compatible with both diversity and non-diversity systems and has a rugged housing that can be stand- or wall-mounted.

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