RTW launches rack-mount SurroundMonitor tool

German audio technology firm RTW (Radio-Technische Werkstaetten) launched its new rack-mountable SurroundMonitor 10660-VID at IBC. This powerful monitoring instrument for multi-channel radio and TV audio features an integrated Surround-Sound Analyzer and can be installed next to other instruments in the video rack.

Increasing sound quality and standards in TV broadcasting are now making it necessary to use program monitoring solutions with advanced analysis systems. As more material is produced and broadcast with surround sound, more studios and control rooms need to be equipped or retrofitted with adequate audio analysis systems.

The SurroundMonitor 10660-VID is the latest member of RTW’s SurroundMonitor family. It features comprehensive display capabilities for both stereo and 5.1 surround signals, and has three AES3 signal inputs for seamless integration in fully digital studio environments. Six multistandard peak level meters, a 10-fold correlator display, RTA, SPL/LEQU and Dial Norm meters and an informative status monitor are all presented on the unit’s large VGA display. Alternatively, it is also possible to connect an external VGA monitor.

The integrated Surround-Sound Analyzer translates all important surround audio signals into an integrated, easily digested graphical representation. Information displayed in the graphic include the balance between the front and surround channels and among the L-C-R channels, phantom audio sources, dynamic display of the loudness “center of gravity” within the surround field and the phase relationships.

For more information, please visit http://www.rtw.de/english/news/index.html.