RME is in Micstacy

New rackmount eight-channel preamp offers dual-path analog-digital functionality.
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The new Micstasy microphone preamp from RME combines an analog preamp with a digital preamp/converter, with both signal paths operating simultaneously. It offers eight high-end mic preamps and an eight-channel line amplifier with XLR and TRS inputs, with digitally controlled gain in 0.5dB steps. The unit also functions as an eight-channel A/D converter that accepts mic, line and instrument signals from -55dBu to +30dBu. According to RME, the digital outputs deliver the same signal as the line outputs.

The Micstasy offers RME’s AutoSet technology, which takes the place of a limiter and adjusts gain levels automatically whenever overloads are detected. In addition, Micstasy’s critical features can be controlled via MIDI or MADI, allowing the device to be placed anywhere onstage or in the studio, with full control from the studio or front-of-house position, ensuring short cable runs.

RME’s new Option Slot enables total integration of the unit in a MADI environment. Several Micstasy units can be connected via MADI cables and configured to use their individual channels within the MADI signal. Up to eight Micstasy units can be combined into one single MADI line. Additional MADI streams will allow systems of up to 128 or 192 channels. RME products are distributed by Synthax in the U.S.

For more information, please visit www.rme-audio.com or www.synthax.com.