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RF Shorts for March 20, 2014

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Supports FCC Spectrum Sharing Proposals

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) issued a News Release announcing its first filing to support FCC Spectrum Sharing Proposals. "

A key function of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is to engage with governments and regulators around the world on how to use new dynamic spectrum sharing technologies to address key policy challenges," said Paul Garnett, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance chairman of the board and director of technology policy at Microsoft. "We hope that the FCC will move quickly over the next few months adopt and implement new regulations allowing for dynamic access to spectrum in the 600 MHz, 3.5 GHz, and 5 GHz bands."

Regarding the 600 MHz band, DSA stated: "Sufficient usable unlicensed spectrum must remain available in 600 MHz bands. When allocating the spectrum made available as a result of the digital television transition and repacking the 600 MHz broadcast bands, the Commission should strike the right balance between exclusive-use licensed access and non-exclusive, open, unlicensed access."

DSA members include Adaptrum, BskyB, Google, Mediatek, and Microsoft as well as several other companies working with white space and wireless networks. For more information on the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, visit its website at

FCC Still Granting LPTV and TV Translator Construction Permits

The upcoming Incentive Auctions and post-auction TV repacking has not stopped the FCC from processing pending low-power television and translator construction permits. In Report PGL-14-2 proposed construction permits include an LPTV on Channel 45 in Los Angeles, Calif. for Venture Technologies Group, a translator on Channel 21 in Newberry Springs, Calif. for County of San Bernardino Area 40, and a Channel 39 low power in Palm Springs, Calif. for Miriam Media, Inc. Other proposed construction permits are for Channel 14 in Marquette, Mich. (WLUC Licensee, LLC), Channel 7 in Helena, Mount. (Northwest Investment Corporation), and Channel 16 in Cleveland, Ohio (Media-Com Television, Inc.)

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