Report advocates promise of IMS, SDP for IPTV profitability

IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) architecture and Service Delivery Platform (SDP) hold significant promise for IPTV operators to accelerate advanced service development, deployment and provisioning that will enhance the profit potential of triple-play and quad-play services, according to a new report from MRG.

The report, “IMS and SDPs in IPTV Networks,” finds that using standardized interfaces and architectures provided by IMS and SDP can accelerate the development and deployment stages with minimum impact on operations and network resources. It also points out they can decrease duplicative functions (billing, digital rights management and asset management) while exploiting the inherent advantages of a standardized IP infrastructure in its core.

Service providers need to advance from bundling to an integrated application offering where the whole is more than the sum of the parts, according to the report. The MRG report explains how standardized IMS architectures and SDPs will enable the development of applications that integrate IPTV, voice and mobile services so each of them adds to the value of the other. Examples include location-based services, multimedia sharing and storage on the TV and other platforms, call forwarding to mobile and video calling.

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