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The sign painters are out this month, as three big names in the broadcast industry rush through brand name changes before the big show.

Thomson Grass Valley has fallen back to the simpler name of Grass Valley. To those engineers brought up on 1600 and 300 switchers, what's all the fuss about? Thomson have acknowledged the customer enthusiasm for one of its most-recognized strategic brands, so is changing the name of its Broadcast & Media Solutions business activity to Grass Valley. Known for creating the Grass Valley broadcast and film production products, the division also produces video compression and networking, and professional audio video products and services.

Meanwhile Discreet, formerly Discreet Logic, and now the Canadian media division of Autodesk, takes on the name of their parent company to become Autodesk Media and Entertainment.

Not to be outdone, the systems integrators are in on the changes. A.F Associates is now to be Ascent Media Systems & Technology Services. A. F. Associates were already part of Ascent Media Network Services and have east and west coast facilities in the USA plus a center in London, England.

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