Quicklink releases iPhone app update

The app includes several new features, such as safe mode and improved video quality using the company’s AVC codec.

Quicklink has updated its iPhone app, adding several new features for the iPhone’s 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Quicklink’s updated iPhone app includes a new feature that automatically can drop to safe mode in 3G to secure a quality transmission from the field.

New features include:

  • A safe mode.��When the iPhone app is first used, it automatically transmits in Safe Mode. This mode overrides the account settings and retransmits any packets lost, so users always get the best possible picture regardless of a challenging network connection.
  • Improved video quality using Quicklink's AVC codec.
  • Automatic drop to safe mode in 3G. When transmitting with an iPhone in 3G, the app will automatically turn to safe mode to secure a quality transmission from the field.
  • Dimension Control, which allows users to specify manually if they want to transmit in high-quality 1080i HD or revert to the safe mode standard.

The app also comes with Quicklink’s new iAPS (Audio Protection System) feature.