Producer Gareth Johnson sold on Liquid Mix

Working through London-based Standalone Productions, Gareth Johnson produces music for a wide variety of clients and media. Among his projects are soundtracks for TV, film and computer games, plus artist development for major recording labels. Expanding his reach even further, he recorded the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for one of his film soundtracks. The one piece of recording gear that this wide range of recording tasks has in common is Focusrite's Liquid Mix.

Liquid Mix offers a huge palette of classic compressor and equalizer settings across 32 channels, allowing producers and engineers to flawlessly emulate nearly any analog gear combination with total recall. Focusrite’s patented Dynamic Convolution technique assures sonic accuracy across the full range of frequencies and volume settings for all emulated products. This flexibility allows Johnson to create the sonic textures he needs without bringing in a variety of outboard gear.

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