Pixelmetrix PSIP Verification Suite verifies PSIP integrity automatically

The new Pixelmetrix PSIP Verification Suite software provides a reliable solution to terrestrial broadcasters and cable to identify any PSIP issues that may surface throughout the monitoring process.

The PSIP verification functions in parallel with either the SMPTE-310, ASI or 8VSB RF interface.

Tests are done to verify the internal inconsistencies between various PSIP tables, such as the PAT, PMT, VCT and EIT. The new verification suite’s user-friendly GUI provides status of the consistency tests within the stream. Any failure detected during the test can be captured by the DVStation’s alarm subsystem, which can trigger actions that include simple log entries, audible alerts, SNMP traps, contact closures and transport stream recording with internal playback.

For more information, visit: www.pixelmetrix.com.