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Old pros with new ideas: VUE Audiotechnik launches

Two long-time experts in the world of professional loudspeakers have joined forces to form VUE Audiotechnik, a new professional audio company that is determined to “redefine high-output, low-distortion loudspeaker performance through road-tested design expertise, advanced technologies and global manufacturing.”

The brains behind the operation are Ken Berger and Jim Sides, both of whom carry impressive pedigrees of success in the ultra-competitive world of large-format loudspeakers.

“Todayʼs system designers are pushing the boundaries of performance at an exponential rate,” explains Ken Berger, CEO of VUE Audiotechnik. “At the same time, many loudspeaker companies are struggling to keep pace as they adapt to modern manufacturing or navigate the murky waters of buyouts and acquisitions.

“Weʼre launching VUE Audiotechnik to meet the growing demands of todayʼs market. But even more, VUE is about a return to long-term relationships and exceptional service. These are the values that launched our industry decades ago, and now is the time for a return to those principles.”

Berger is perhaps best known as the co-founder and CEO of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), which was renowned for its agile, customer-responsive approach. Ken was also CEO of Pro Sound Web, growing it to its dominant position in the online world of pro audio. He is joined at VUE by Jim Sides, who was most recently CEO of Meyer Sound’s European operation and was a member of the founding management team at Apogee Sound.

VUE Audiotechnikʼs R&D effort is led by head of engineering Michael Adams, a skilled acoustic engineer with a talent for balancing science with the practical needs of working engineers in the real world. Adams has spent nearly four decades as a FOH/Monitor engineer and system designer for such acts as Jimmy Buffett and Jackson Browne. His approach defines the core of VUE Audiotechnikʼs design philosophy: tackle commonly accepted compromises with a perspective born from real world “know-how” and backed by the most advanced technologies and manufacturing resources available worldwide.

VUE Audiotechnik is headquartered in San Diego, California, with a global R&D and manufacturing infrastructure in place thanks to a founding partnership with Speaker Trade of Solingen Germany, which boasts a 290,000-sq. foot production and R&D facility in Asia. This will allow VUE to hit the ground running with purpose-designed transducers, along with precision-engineered enclosures, transport and flying hardware, as well as a range of digital and analog electronics, all in full compliance with the strictest ISO quality control standards.

Notes VUE Executive VP Jim Sides, “I’m very excited about the resources and passionate team that have come together to make VUE Audiotechnik a reality. This passion fuels our commitment to the future, and I canʼt wait to show you whatʼs next.”