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OET seeks comments on Key Bridge Global TV bands database

The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology said May 29 that it is seeking comment on the 45-day public trial of Key Bridge Global’s TV bands database system that was completed on April 24. 

The database system is designed to support the operation of low-power unlicensed transmitting devices on unoccupied spectrum within the broadcast television bands (TV bands).

Key Bridge has provided a summary report on the trial of its TV bands database system to OET.

The trial, which began March 11, allowed the public to participate in testing the Key Bridge database system to ensure that it correctly identifies channels that are available for unlicensed TV band devices. The public was encouraged to report inaccuracies and other problems to Key Bridge.

The Key Bridge summary report identifies the problems reported by the public and their disposition, as well as descriptions of changes made by Key Bridge to the channel availability calculator or registration systems during the trial period. 

The deadline for comments is June 13. Reply comments are due June 20.