Odessa, TX, station turns to ProHD GY-HD110U for ENG

KOSA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Odessa, TX, has added seven JVC ProHD GY-HD110U camcorders to the station for field acquisition and live remote broadcasts.

The station has also acquired six ProHD BR-HD50U player/recorders for its nonlinear editing and archival needs.

The station chose the ProHD GY-HD110U as its replacement for its existing Beta SP equipment because of the HD110's features, portability and price, said Jim McKinnon, director of engineering for KOSA-TV.

The HD110s offer three times the shooting time per tape — 60 minutes vs. 20 minutes — when compared to the Beta SP tape, he said. Some KOSA-TV videographers have shot for two days on a single tape; and, by using the Anton-Bauer battery with the QR-JVC7/14HDV adapter, they've been able to shoot for days on a single battery charge, he added.

In the field, the station plans to copy footage from the cameras to laptops via Firewire and transfer the files via Internet to the station, McKinnon said.

For more information, visit www.jvc.com/pro.