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OCTOPUS introduces cross-platform newsroom system

At IBC2007, OCTOPUS introduced a new crossplatform version of its newsroom computer system, OCTOPUS6. The system can run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Major new functionalities in OCTOPUS6 include tabs, single-tap search, rundown buddy and rundown time markers.

Tabs bring order to multiple open screens; single-tap search simplifies data lookup. Users simply start typing to initiate the search in the current view. Search words are immediately highlighted, bringing the results to the user's attention. Rundown buddy is a window showing sorted and/or filtered view on stories in the rundown. Rundown time markers improve rundown scheduling and timing. Markers delimit rundown into blocks, and each block has its own scheduled duration shown side by side with the real duration of stories on the block. This makes it possible to hit a story or a commercial break exactly when needed.

The first version of OCTOPUS6 is expected by the end of 2007.

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