NVerzion wins automation deal

NVerzion of Salt Lake City, UT, will provide complete automation systems for 10 Pappas Telecasting TV stations.

Pappas Telecasting is scheduled to begin the project this month at three stations and complete the installation in the second quarter of next year.

The stations that are part of the automation project include: KMEG and KPTH in Sioux City, IA; KREN and KAZR in Reno, NV; WTWB in Greensboro, NC; KPTM and KXVO in Omaha, NE; KMPH and KFRE in Fresno, CA; and KPWB in Des Moines, IA.

NVerzion will provide Pappas with three applications, including its NControl playlist, NGest record and NPoint for segmenting clips. The deal also includes NBase and a redundant NBase database of video server clips and source tapes; NView, to act as an easy access database window; Ntime, a time-based router event scheduler software package; EMC, an NConvert traffic interface; and NVerzion NFire Pathfire interface. The NVerzion solution controls Utah Scientific routing switchers, Omneon video servers and Vizrt branding boxes.

For more information, visit: www.nverzion.com.