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Nucomm signs fulfillment contract with Nextel

Nucomm has signed a contract with Nextel Communications concerning the provision of certain microwave transmission and reception equipment to meet the needs of broadcasters affected by the 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) relocation plan.

Nextel recently agreed to an FCC order intended to resolve spectrum interference between commercial wireless carriers and public safety operators in certain parts of the 800MHz band.

As part of the FCC order, BAS incumbent licensees operating in the 2GHz band will relocate to new spectrum. Nextel will pay the reasonable costs of their relocation to comparable facilities, including their costs of acquiring comparable broadcast equipment, within a certain timeframe. BAS licensees will select the BAS equipment suppliers for the relocation.

The contract between Nucomm and Nextel provides for Nextel’s payment of relocation-related equipment costs on behalf of the BAS licensees that select Nucomm as an equipment vendor and helps to ensure the timely fulfillment of such equipment purchases within the timeframe of the overall relocation.

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