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New version of Rascular Helm adds Snell RollCall compatibility

Rascular has launched a new version of its flagship product Helm with a range of significant enhancements.

Helm allows users to pick best-of-breed systems, including branding devices, routers, video servers, VTRs, multi-image display processors, modular gear or any combination, from a range of different manufactures and provides a single, integrated, user-defined, PC-based control/monitoring surface for operators. This allows users to control channels, or pods of channels, from a single screen using predefined buttons for complex workflows.

Helm now supports Snell's RollCall system for device control. This allows Helm to work with any of the company's products that are RollCall-compatible. Helm now also benefits from the inclusion of Lua scripting, the fully featured, fast programming language used in everything from video games to Adobe Lightroom. The latest release also adds greater Unicode support.