New products

Media Shuttle

Designed to be a powerful, simple way to move large media files anywhere; gives any sized workgroup or enterprise the convenience and ease of use of public cloud-based file-sharing services, but without file size limits or security risks associated with storing high-value assets in the cloud; Media Shuttle’s patent-pending technology can be configured in minutes and provides an easy-to-use, branded interface in the cloud while content stays within the secure control of the enterprise network.

Junger Audio

Audio loudness processor combines an audio monitor controller and a loudness measurement device in one unit, thus providing comprehensive quality control and loudness monitoring; designed for quality checking surround (5.1) and/or stereo programs, the processor can be used for live monitoring as well as to ensure compliance with government regulations on loudness; comes with alarm signals that alert the operator when pre-set loudness thresholds are exceeded.

Avid DS 11

Editing, graphics creation, color correction and compositing system has been enhanced with new features such as hands-on color correction with Avid Artist Color integration, expanded file format and hardware support, 16 channels of embedded audio, and total conform to Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6; allows users to edit high-resolution media in real time — in master quality — using the high-quality compressed Avid DNxHD 444 codec; accelerates workflows by blending operations directly on the timeline to single or multiple clips or containers.

Broadcast Pix
Multiscreen support

New multiscreen support for the 1 M/E Granite and Mica Video Control Centers; now, three “programs” can be generated using the system’s program output and two enhanced PowerAux outputs, and each can be controlled by a separate panel or Soft Panel; the multiscreen technology is ideal for driving three image magnification screens, as each enjoys patented technology to maintain one frame of constant delay for continual lip sync throughout a presentation; PowerAux also can be used to produce any combination of I-MAG screens, Internet feeds and live television productions.


Video delivery analytics system is designed to streamline an operator’s CDN; enables operators to access key information located in the video streaming servers; provides the operator’s support team with critical system monitoring information, the operations department with capacity planning details and marketing with the analytical results essential for building an effective marketing campaign; identifies important metrics, as well as the raw data necessary to compute them, and then provides a shared view of the material that can be accessed simultaneously by a virtually unlimited number of users.

Roland Systems Group

Multiformat live video switcher is ideal for any live event or installation that requires the freedom to connect any type of source, whether it be digital or analog, computer or video format; features 16 inputs and eight channels of mixing with independent scalers on the input and outputs; allows users to connect any video format, including 3G, HD, SD, computer, digital, analog, SDI and HDMI; has built-in multiviewer with HDMI output; supports input/output resolutions up to 1080/60p, including 3G SDI.

LYNX Technik
yellobrik OTX 1910, ORX 1900

Yellobrik OTX 1910 (shown here) is a fiber-optic transmitter for seamlessly sending analog RF L-Band signals over a single-mode fiber cable; offers a switchable 13V or 18V LNB power selector, which toggles between horizontal and vertical polarization; yellowbrik ORX 1900 is a fiber to L-Band receiver for accepting and restoring RF signals from a single-mode fiber; accepts a wide range of optical inputs — 1270nm-1610nm — and includes two RF outputs for signal distribution or monitoring; both yellobriks support L-Band ranges from 700MHz to 2300MHz.


Standalone software application enables broadcasters to bring social media commentary into their live broadcasts quickly and easily; gives one or more users the ability to monitor, select, adjust and route social media conversations to broadcast graphics systems either for on-air playback or for storage as data files for later use; multiple instances of SHOUT running across a facility can be used simultaneously by different staff members to view content and moderate the same playback list.

Camera Corps

Compact remote camera link allows any remotely controlled camera system in the company’s product range to be operated over long distance via SMPTE 3K-standard electrical/optical cable; developed for use at large-scale OB events requiring long camera-to-base distances; remote link consists of a base unit and remote unit; powered by 110V or 240V AC; has an optical input for incoming video data; electrical inputs allow direct connection of analog genlock video and audio-frequency control data.


Compact multiviewer accepts and auto-detects composite, SD, HD and 3G-SDI signals; supports DVI/HDMI and SDI outputs; displays embedded audio meters; supports the TSL protocol over IP and serial; can be used as a standalone quad-split multiviewer or expanded to a full system where up to eight hot-swappable TAHOMA-MiniQ modules can be combined in a 3RU rack frame with hot-swappable redundant power supplies.

Viper 1.1

Compact appliance combines dual-channel HD encoding, low-latency secure streaming, video on demand and a contextual multichannel record-review-publish workflow — all within a single chassis; ideal for capturing, streaming and publishing events relying on multimedia sources; streams and records two real-time, full-frame-rate, HD H.264 streams containing either HD video or computer graphics content.

Thomson Video Networks
ViBE EM4000

New quad-channel multistandard version of the MPEG broadcast encoder is now available; developed for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IPTV applications; designed to provide optimized compression performance and greater flexibility and density; its capacity for four channels within a single 1RU chassis allows each channel to consume only 70W of energy; offers HD, SD, MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2 encoding capability.

Triveni Digital
StreamScope RM-40 CALM

Cost-effective DTV loudness monitor remotely monitors, measures, records and analyzes DTV streams in real time to ensure their compliance with the CALM Act; enables users to more rapidly troubleshoot audio loudness issues and deliver a higher quality of service to viewers; delivers a daily report that accurately identifies possible CALM violations for all services on a given transport — including IP, ASI, 8VSB and QAM.

Shotoku Broadcast Systems

Features the company’s reliable and accurate mechanical X-Y tracking technology; lightweight, high-capacity unit has a maximum payload of more than 176lb; supports a wide range of camera configurations; its perfect balance column and base are designed to offer maximum stability and operational flexibility; a foot-operated parking brake and single-action cable guard enable precise movements and control at all times for fast and easy positioning.

F series

New generation of P2 solid-state recording media; includes support of recording up to AVC-Intra Class 200 of the AVC-ULTRA codec family; also supports all currently available codecs from existing P2 cameras and recorders, including AVC-Intra 100/50, as well as DVCPRO-HD/50/25; available in 64GB, 32GB and 16GB P2 cards; F series P2 cards offer fast transfer speeds (up to 1.2Gb/s); F series P2 media contain a flash memory error correction system, equivalent to a RAID system, to strengthen data retention reliability.

Blue Lucy Media
BLM Flexicart Service

Module provides for full Sony Flexicart control to facilitate bulk, unattended ingest of up to 70 tapes with a single VTR or 40 tapes with four VTRs by maintaining full operational control of an attached Flexicart, including tape movements and inventory management; an ingest schedule is matched against tapes in the Flexicart; Miura Acquisition then works through the tapes using the Flexicart Service for cart/robot tape operations and the BLM Ingest Service for ingest/file write operations; the unattended process runs until digitization is complete.


Combines the features of a stereoscopic color corrector and legalizer in a single unit; allows unified control of both channels of a stereoscopic 3-D pair; the unit’s adjustable color correction parameters include R, G, B and master gain and lift, plus selectable master or individual R, G and B gamma control with overall luma, chroma gain, hue rotation and black level; its integral legalizer automatically ensures that adjustments remain within industry-agreed singal levels; is capable of working at 1080i/50/59.94 or 1080p 23.976/24/25/29.97 high definition, 720p/50/59.94 intermediate definition, and 625/50 or 525/59.94 standard definition.

Autocue Production Suite

Standalone live production system combines several components into a single cost-effective system; features include a vision and audio mixer, a playback device, a still store, a caption generator, a picture-in-picture processor, a chromakey processor, a logo/bug/ticker inserter, an output recorder and a multiviewer; an internal recorder allows program output to be saved directly to the media store.