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New AKG headset mics

The new HSC 171 and HSC 271 headphone mics from AKG.

AKG has announced its new line of headphone mic products: the HSC 171, HSD 171, HSC 271, HSD 271 and the HSD 271 single.

Each combines a shock-mounted condenser microphone with the K 271 circumaural or the K 171 supra-aural headphones. It also features a swiveling mic arm and independent intelligent auto mute functions for both headphones and microphones.

Major innovations in these new headsets include a microphone that swivels both horizontally and vertically with 270 degrees of vertical rotation. This feature allows the user to place the microphone on the right or left side without modifying the headset. In addition, the intelligent muting feature automatically silences the microphone when the arm is moved up.

The shock-mounted microphone capsules minimize handling noise.

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