Network Ten, Australia, purchases Marquis Medway media exchange system

Marquis Broadcast has sold its first systems into Australia having secured an order for two Medway media exchange systems from Australian broadcasting company, Network Ten.

The systems will be part of a new digital broadcasting environment for Network Ten’s newsroom centers in Sydney and Melbourne where they will enable OmniBus media files to be transferred between Omneon Media Servers and Avid Unity.

Lists of clips stored on the servers will be available for browsing from any Medway client with operators able to drag selected clips into the Avid bins for editing. Operators will import OmniBus Headline EDLs directly onto the Avid timeline along with all associated media files and metadata. Completed sequences will be dragged from the Avid bin to a simple desktop icon for automatic transfer to the transmission server. All transfers will be performed seamlessly as background tasks irrespective of their file formats, leaving production staff free to concentrate on producing programs.

To bring this to fruition, Network Ten partnered with Marquis Broadcast to develop Medway for their specific high-level specification. The system enables media files from multiple sources to be transferred easily between a wide variety of vendor platforms, eliminating compatibility issues between target devices.

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