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Nativ intros MAM with built-in social media integration and browser-based editing

Next month Nativ will launch at IBC its new Mio v5.0 platform, the first enterprise media asset management and workflow solution with built-in social collaboration and browser-based editing.

Mio v5.0, Nativ said, will enable broadcasters, production companies and other content owners to take back control of their assets and truly manage their entire content workflow, from creation to consumption in one place. The scalable platform represents an entirely new way of accessing content management and production solutions and enables customers to cost-effectively maximize the use of their skilled internal resources.

The software’s new features include project workspaces with advanced social features for real-time global collaboration, remote working and increased visibility of cost and resources on a per-project basis. Browser-based, frame accurate editing is used to eliminate the cost and complexity of moving large assets in and out of the cloud for simple media manipulation.

Shot logging, enhanced search and deep indexing organize huge volumes of archived content for search and access. It also allows for enhanced review and approval.

Based on Nativ’s MioEverywhere platform, Mio v5.0 will give content owners the ability to quickly respond to rapidly changing consumer demands for more content on more devices by combining the benefits of MioEverywhere—remote ingest, asset management, workflow automation, content repurposing, distribution and advanced reporting.

“By bringing editing, workflow and asset management together in the one platform content owners will be able to enhance their ability to process time-critical content accurately and cost effectively,” said Jon Folland, Nativ’s CEO.

“Combining logging, editing and collaboration with enterprise workflow and asset management is one of the final obstacles in cloud-based workflow management. It saves downloading and uploading huge files in and out of the cloud and Mio v5.0 has been designed specifically to overcome that hurdle.”