Mohu Announces New Filtered Antenna Preamp

Device provides 15 dB gain in TV spectrum
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Last week Mohu announced release of the Jolt antenna amplifier. The new antenna amplifier uses what Mohu calls “CleanPeak Filter” technology, allowing it to reject “troublesome high-power cellular and FM signals.” It has a gain of 15 dB across the TV bands and operates on five volts, which can either via a USB connector or an AC “power cube”.

A very limited set of specifications is available on the Mohu website. The Jolt's noise-figure is not mentioned, but Mohu says it is “Like no other amplifier on the market.” The Website showed a reduced price of $60.

If you want a Mohu Leaf with an integrated Jolt amplifier, it’s available in the Leaf Ultimate antenna, with a posted price of $90. While the antenna is optimized for UHF, it can still receive VHF signals, but with reduced performance.