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MobiTV musters more than 7 million subscribers

Increasing in a six-month surge of 2 million new subscribers, MobiTV recently shot past 7 million subscribers for its live television, made-for-mobile and VOD content services.

The company sees better viewing experiences, advances in technology and higher consumer awareness as drivers of increased adoption, citing the success of its March Madness app for the iPhone, developed with CBS Sports.

"We are clearly seeing an increase in mobile television consumption," says Charlie Nooney, chairman and CEO of MobiTV. "MobiTV continues to expand its lead in the mobile media market by providing new, personal, relevant and immediate content to our viewers. We are about to hit the tipping point for mobile media, one that will move it from a novelty to the mainstream."

MobiTV service is one of AT&T's top selling applications. This latest subscriber spike seems to indicate intense interest in first-of-its kind, interactive mobile content like the Tournament Pass for March Madness, which ranked as a top seller in the iTunes store, underscoring the growing consumer appeal of MobiTV's mix of live, on-demand and personalized mobile TV.

At NAB, the company introduced MixTV, which combines free, live broadcast content and premium VOD content with interactive and DVR-like capabilities. This kind of innovation is what captured a finalist spot for MobiTV in the Best TV and Video category at the 2009 Meffys Mobile Entertainment awards, hosted by the Mobile Entertainment Forum, as well as in the application category with its iPhone app.

The Meffys will be awarded at the Mobile Entertainment Forum’s official annual conference, Mobile Entertainment Market, in London, June 23.