Mobile TV progress to be on display at NAB Show

Live mobile-TV broadcasting will be front and center at the 2013 NAB Show next week in Las Vegas at the Mobile TV Pavilion in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (booths N2535-N2638), said NAB Show organizers.

Exhibitors at the pavilion include:

  • Decontis (N2538), which will show the atscSAM Mobile TV monitoring solution, which is in use at more than 80 Dyle TV stations;
  • DTVinteractive (N2637), which provides headend solutions and will demonstrate its multi-standard multiplexer, ATSC & ATSC-MH demodulator module for retransmission, and central monitoring Mobile TV system;
  • Dyle (N2536), the Mobile TV service of the Mobile Content Venture, will demonstrate Dyle Mobile TV-compatible apps and devices that enable live broadcasting to mobile devices;
  • Mobile Emergency Alert System (N2638) will demonstrate the advantage of one-to-many broadcast TV architecture that reaches millions with one broadcast. M-EAS leverages Mobile TV broadcasting to provide multimedia alerts during emergencies.
  • Mobile500 (N2539), a voluntary alliance of 52 broadcasters representing more than 435 TV stations, will show its latest Mobile TV efforts; and
  • Rentrak (N2537), a measurement partner of Dyle, the company provides Mobile TV audience measurement services.

Mobile TV is now available to more than half the U.S. population, and consumer demand for live mobile TV content is driving new products and services, NAB said. Many of those receivers will be demonstrated and available at NAB Show. Currently, there are more than 130 local broadcasters on-air with Mobile TV.

"Mobile TV holds promise for consumers and broadcasters as video on-the-go becomes increasingly in demand and data plan consumption charges become more expensive for consumers," said NAB executive VP Rick Kaplan. "Indeed, broadcasters' one-to-everyone transmission model is the most efficient means of delivering content. As Superstorm Sandy demonstrated, this is particularly true in times of emergency, when all the spectrum in the world would still be unable to ensure reliability of wireless networks' one-to-one method of delivery."

On Tuesday, April 9, at 1 p.m., the NAB Show Broadcast Management Conference will feature a session entitled "Mobile TV Ready for Prime Time," in which representatives from both Mobile Content Venture and the Mobile500 Alliance will lay out the business opportunity presented by Mobile TV, provide case studies from various markets, examine successful marketing practices and discuss what consumers are saying about Mobile TV.

The 2013 NAB Show marks another Mobile TV first, the first time Mobile TV devices will be available for purchase at the NAB Show Store.