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Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Triveni Digital respond to Hurricane Katrina

Triveni Digital and Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) are collaborating to use data broadcasting technologies and applications to address key challenges faced by Mississippi’s education system in the wake of the recent devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Donated for indefinite use by Triveni Digital, the SkyScraper content distribution system is expected to enable the deployment of critical communication systems.

The joint project is aimed at helping schools utilize technology to accelerate student learning. Using this digital system, MPB and Triveni will distribute curriculum to students and teachers that can be used in both permanent and temporary classroom settings, in shelters, in homes and other facilities where Internet connection is unavailable.

The system will be based on Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper content distribution system and Application Constructor content publishing and management system.

The implications of this digital collaboration can be applied in the future to strengthen additional communication needs of the state. One potential use incorporates MPB’s broadcast transmission capabilities and

Triveni Digital’s Digital Emergency Services Network (ESN) software.

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