Minnetonka Audio Software to debut Dolby E products at AES Europe

Building on its recent success at NAB2008, Minnetonka Audio Software will display several new products at the upcoming Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in Amsterdam. Minnetonka Audio Software Europe (MASE) will be sharing a stand with partner Sonic Studio. The exhibition will be the European debut for the company’s SurCode for Dolby E Decoder, Lawo SurCode for Dolby E and its Dolby Media Meter plug-in for AWE, Minnetonka’s audio workflow engine software.

The SurCode for Dolby E Decoder, for Pro Tools (Mac/PC) and Minnetonka AudioTools AWE (Mac) offers the ability to decode Dolby E files back to discrete PCM and to perform any production work that is required. It provides output and routing control of audio streams on a channel or program basis via simple user interface that includes channel configuration, output metering and metadata display of both Dolby E streams and individual program material. While the Pro Tools plug-in allows the integrated access to Dolby E files from within the workstation, AudioTools AWE has been designed to allow offload and workflow automation from the DAW.

The Lawo SurCode for Dolby E Decoder is a joint development effort by Lawo, Dolby and Minnetonka Audio Software. It functions as a VST plug-in and is controlled by a graphical user interface allowing for full control and recall on the fly, completely integrated into the Lawo production environment. Lawo SurCode for Dolby E has been designed for full compatibility and interoperability with Dolby E hardware.

Minnetonka Audio Software will also display the addition of a Dolby Media Meter plug-in for its AudioTools AWE audio workflow engine. Dolby Media Meter is a new software loudness meter that has been added to the Dolby Media Producer suite. It is designed to measure subjective loudness of dialogue, enabling post-production and broadcast facilities to minimize inconsistencies between programs, channels, disc-based media or gaming audio elements. Dolby Media Meter includes a dialogue intelligence algorithm for measuring the subjective loudness of speech within programs.

For more information, visit www.minnetonkaaudio.com.