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Midwest Television chooses Florical for new playout system

Midwest Television has chosen Florical Systems for its new broadcast automation and management systems. Florical is providing KFMB in San Diego with a completely redundant on-air broadcast system that can automatically detect equipment failures and seamlessly switch to the backup system.

KFMB has also chosen Florical’s Web-based system management and reporting tool (S.M.A.R.T Central) to dynamically access all of Florical’s key systems and reports through a secure Web portal. To further streamline its workflow, KFMB will use multiple methods for ingesting material into the system. Florical’s ShowTimer acquisition traffic system will routinely create daily ingest schedules that the ShowTimer Controller will use to automatically record satellite feeds or PathFire transfers. The Florical PathFire interface will pull scheduled media from PathFire and import metadata into the database for completely hands-off ingest-to-air acquisitions. Florical’s Media Filer will be used for crash records or manual ingests.

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