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Media Bureau seeks comment on TiVO waiver request

The FCC Media Bureau is seeking comment on a petition from TiVO for a waiver of commission rules so it can sell all-digital video recording products with no analog tuner.

The company’s products, which are CableCARD-enabled DVRs, are designed to be used with all-digital cable TV service, and, in the case of a sole model, also with digital broadcasting.

TiVO is requesting a waiver of two FCC rules that require analog tuners and consumer information about them. The first rule says all “TV broadcast receivers shall be capable of adequately receiving all channels allocated by the Commission to the television broadcast service.” The other requires cable-ready consumer electronics equipment to be capable of receiving analog NTSC channels 1 through 125.

In seeking the waiver, TiVO committed to educating consumers on the functions of its products so that consumers aren’t confused about the functions of the company’s set-top boxes.

Commenters must file by April 8; reply comments are due April 18.