Liberty stations purchase Pathfire’s server and automation products

Pathfire’s deployment will give the stations hands-free content movement, while eliminating preparation costs

Pathfire has installed a Digital Media Gateway Server Connect for Programming, DMG Automation Connect, and redundant DMG Servers at 12 of Liberty’s broadcast stations. The purchase will allow for the hands-free movement of Pathfire-delivered syndication content and redundancy of content throughout Liberty stations.

Pathfire’s Server Connect for Programming enables the transfer of digital content from DMG servers directly to the station’s play-to-air server, retaining the assets in a digital format.

Liberty’s automation vendor, Crispin, has developed and is currently testing the interface to DMG via the Pathfire Automation Connect solution. By using DMG Server Connect for Programming in conjunction with Pathfire’s DMG Automation Connect, Crispin’s System2000 will manage the end-to-end movement of Pathfire-delivered content through the ingest process, making it available for play-out direct to air.

This process retains the content in its original form, eliminating the need to convert the content to video. Frame-accurate timing information is delivered to the automation system, streamlining the content preparation process by eliminating tedious and error-prone manual steps. Liberty stations are also purchasing redundant DMG Servers for each station.

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