Leightronix unveils all-in-one automation for local cable stations

Leightronix’s Nexus all-in-one playout solution

Leightronix will introduce Nexus, a specialized automation solution at NAB2005. The new device is an all-in-one solution for local cable/broadcast television operations that require digital playback capabilities while maintaining support for legacy equipment.

The Nexus provides multichannel digital video playback and recording, digital messaging/signage, DVD/VCR machine control, and video/audio signal routing. Nexus is supplied with WinNexus software, which provides all of the tools necessary for managing one or many Nexus sites. A media resource library allows entry management and scheduling of digital, videotape and DVD programming. Drag-and-drop scheduling makes for quick and easy playlist development, while device and resource conflict identification ensure error-free playback results. The local control panel provides access to all Nexus functions, including digital video playback/recording, device control, messaging, switching and activation/deactivation of schedules.

The Nexus is fully self-contained as a digital recorder/player with an internal MPEG-2 real-time encoder that captures full resolution SD video and CD-quality audio. Dual digital decoders playback full-motion MPEG-2 video and JPEG stills in the form of a messaging slide show. Device control is also included in the Nexus, providing support for a wide range of VCRs and DVD players and recorders. An internal video/audio switcher allows the selection of external signal sources to include controlled playback devices (VCR/DVD), satellite feeds and studio feeds. Incoming signals can be routed to any of the three outputs for broadcast or to the internal digital encoder for recording.

For more information, visit www.leightronix.com.

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